Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A running list...

In order to make it look less like I've forgotten my blog, I've decided to make a list of the rest of the projects I plan on doing this month.  I've strarted some of them, I just haven't posted about them yet.  So, here it goes!

Craft #18 - Frilly Preemie Booties (to go with the dress, of course)
Craft #19 - Lotsa Love Preemie Hat (to go with the hat & dress)
Craft #20 - 22wk Preemie Doll Model
Craft #21 - Funny Character DPN ends
Craft #22 - Sewn Wool Skirt (for me)
Craft #23 - Matching wool vest to Craft #22
Craft #24 - Micro-Preemie Sock Hat
Craft #25 - Holly & Ivy Pin
Craft #26 - Beaded Lamp Shade
Craft #27 - Entry-way Rug
Craft #28 - Dish Cloths
Craft #29 - Crochet Dish Scrubber
Craft #30 - Crochet Sachet
Craft #31 - Faux Window

My goal at this point is to update you each time I finish a project.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, but remember that one wise fish once said, "Just keep swimming!"  :)

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