Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Squares

I know, it's been a very long time since I've updated.  I will tell you that I have many things that just need the final details before I can post them.  So, hopefully there will be some more posts coming soon!

Anyway, my plan for the month of March is to do a different square for each day.  I haven't quite finalized whether I'm going to put them all together, or do something different with each of them.  I just figured that would be the simplest thing to do while trying to finish the rest of my crafts.  I'll try to get some things posted over the next couple weeks.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Craft #38 - Blog Design: Adding lists

Back when I was in middle/high school I self-taught myself some basic HTML.  I remember designing a webpage at one point in time. And that was before cascading style sheets were popular, so it must have been a lot of work.  However, when I was in college, I tried to edit a blog design.  It was terrible.  I did some of the things I wanted to do, but never could get my spacing issues settled.  And I could not figure out CSS for the life of me.  I felt pretty dumb, so I quit.  Boo hoo.

Fast forward to now.

The longer I use this blog, the more I despise my cookie-cutter blog design.  I would love to edit the design.  I'm going to start small and do various things to it throughout the months.  For "Craft" #38  I am going to figure out how to add a list to the side of my blog.  I would like one list of all my craft ideas, not necessarily with numbers.  That way I have a place to keep my ideas without knowing when exactly I'm going to do the specific crafts.  I also thought about having another list of my completed crafts, but it seems to me that my  archive already serves that purpose, and I don't want to get list-happy.  

I'll try to keep this post updated as I figure things out.  I was thinking about starting out by searching online for tutorials.  I know that's how I've done it in the past.  As I get further with the design, I might consider purchasing a book.  We'll see...  I'm excited, though.  I'm definitely going to get started on it tonight!

Attempt #1: Epic fail, lol.

I found this code:
           < ul >
      < li >Coffee< / li >
      < li >Milk< /li >
     < /ul >

So, I plugged in a few things, and hit "preview."  This was a screenshot before the edit:

and this was a screenshot after the edit:

 Just 20 minutes later... I've decided to do this differently.  I don't have the foggiest idea how to edit a template that someone has already written, so I'm going to start my own, I guess.  I really thought just adding a list would be simple, but I just don't get it. :(  I'm looking at HTML,CSS, and XHTML books right now...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craft #32 - Chocolate Covered Sandwiches --Completed!

My crafts are going to be a little out of order... I might have to fix that as I go along.  But I just had to post this one. :)

Chocolate Covered Sandwiches
Hmmm... on Twitpic

'Nilla Wafers
6oz Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Peanut Butter

Peanut butter sandwiches on TwitpicSpread peanut butter on 1 side of two wafers.  Push them together to make a sandwich.

Melt the chocolate on TwitpicA little bit of chocolate on TwitpicSlowly melt chocolate in a double boiler. Stir frequently

One at a time, drop sandwiches in the melted chocolate.  Push and flip it around with a fork until it is evenly covered.  Pick the sandwich up using the fork place it on the wax paper to set.  The sandwiches are ready when they can be removed from the wax paper cleanly.

Dip the cookies in the chocolate and let them set. Yum... on Twitpic

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another completed craft...

I have officially finished the Homemade Lavender Comfort Wrap! Yay :)  Craft #17 - Frilly Preemie Dress will hopefully be completed & posted by the end of the weekend.  I would have posted about it before it was finished, but I'm making up my own pattern.  I've taken it out so many times, I wasn't sure I'd ever come up with a good pattern.  It feels so good to be productive.  If I didn't have to work, I could be even more productive with finishing my craft ideas.  But I guess I have to pay for these craft somehow.  Remember to keep checking back- you never know when I'll finish another craft or come up with another idea!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A running list...

In order to make it look less like I've forgotten my blog, I've decided to make a list of the rest of the projects I plan on doing this month.  I've strarted some of them, I just haven't posted about them yet.  So, here it goes!

Craft #18 - Frilly Preemie Booties (to go with the dress, of course)
Craft #19 - Lotsa Love Preemie Hat (to go with the hat & dress)
Craft #20 - 22wk Preemie Doll Model
Craft #21 - Funny Character DPN ends
Craft #22 - Sewn Wool Skirt (for me)
Craft #23 - Matching wool vest to Craft #22
Craft #24 - Micro-Preemie Sock Hat
Craft #25 - Holly & Ivy Pin
Craft #26 - Beaded Lamp Shade
Craft #27 - Entry-way Rug
Craft #28 - Dish Cloths
Craft #29 - Crochet Dish Scrubber
Craft #30 - Crochet Sachet
Craft #31 - Faux Window

My goal at this point is to update you each time I finish a project.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, but remember that one wise fish once said, "Just keep swimming!"  :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


The only update I really have is that my Long & Skinny Knit Scarf is finally finished- complete with a picture! :)  I also might have a working pattern for my Ear Flap Hat.  I decided to make up my own pattern (the first knit pattern I've ever created), but still use the ear flaps in the original pattern that I posted.  I've been super busy the last few days coming up with more crafts.  

At least one is finished, a couple are in progress, while some are in the contemplation stage.  Without further adieu, I'll post some of these ideas! Hopefully I'm still on track for my 365 crafts.

Craft #17 - Frilly Preemie Dress --Completed!

It's finally finished!!! It is so detailed, and I had to keep taking parts out while I was making it up.  All I can say is it had better be proportionally correct. Is "proportionally" a word? Maybe it's just spelled wrong,,, oh well, moving on to the long awaited pattern! :)

Frilly Preemie Dress
This pattern has been posted by Krafty-Lyn.  Please only use it for gifts, donation, or personal use. Thank-you.
Frilly Preemie Dress -side 2 on TwitpicFrilly Preemie Dress- side one on Twitpic

Bernat Softee Baby yarn
D Crochet hook (can use E or F)
G Crochet hook (bump it up to an H if you choose an F for your smaller size.)
Ribbon - I used 1/8" width ribbon, but you may use something wider.

Using a a D crochet hook with this yarn yielded a dress that would fit a 20-22wk Preemie.  Use a larger hook with this yarn, or a larger hook and heavier yarn to make bigger sizes.

Chain 29
Row 1: 7 Single crochet. Sc in next ch. Chain 1 then Sc in same ch.  Repeat across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 2: Half Double crochet up to first chain 1 space.  Hdc in ch1 sp. Ch 1 then Hdc in same stitch.  Hdc up to next ch1 sp. Hdc in ch1 sp.  Ch 1 then Hdc in same stitch.  Continue this pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Repeat two more times
Row 5: Hdc up to first ch 1 space.  Ch 2.  Slip stitch first ch1 sp to second ch1 sp.  Hdc up to 3rd ch1 sp.  SS third ch1 sp to fourth ch1 sp.  Hdc to end.  Ch 1 and turn.
Row 6: Hdc across.  Ch 1 and turn.
Row 7: Hdc in first st away from hook.  4 Hdc in next st. *Hdc in next st. 4 Hdc in next st.* Repeat pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 8: In back loops only, Hdc in first st away from hook.  *Skip 4.  Hdc in next two stitches (one in the last of the Hdc shell, one in the single Hdc).* Repeat pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Repeat Rows 7 &  8 once.
Row 11: 2 Hdc per stitch across.  Ch 1 and turn.
Row 12: 1 Hdc per stitch across. Ch 1 and turn.
Repeat Rows 7 & 8 once.
Row 15: Double Crochet in first stitch away from hook.  *3 Dc in next st. Dc in next st.* Repeat this pattern across.  Ch 1 and turn.
Row 16: In back loops only, Hdc in first st away from hook. *Skip 3. Hdc in next two stitches (once in the last of the Dc shell, once in the single Dc).* Repeat this pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 17: 2 Hdc in first st. *Hdc in next stitch. 2 Hdc in next st.* Repeat this pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 18: In back loops only, Hdc across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 19: In both loops, Hdc across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 20: In back loops only, Hdc across. Ch 1 and turn.
Repeat Rows 7 & 8 twice.
Row 25: 2 Hdc in first stitch. *Hdc in next three stitches. 2 Hdc in next stitch.* Repeat pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 26: Hdc in every stitch across. Ch 1 and turn.
Repeat Rows 7 & 8 once.
Row 29: DC in first st. *4 Dc in the next st, then one Dc in the following stitch.* Repeat this pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 30: In back loops only, Hdc in first st away from hook. *Skip 4. Hdc in next two stitches (once in the last of the Dc shell, once in the single Dc).* Repeat this pattern across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 31: Hdc in each st across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 32: In back loops only, Hdc in each st across. Ch 1 and turn.
Row 33: In FRONT loops only, Hdc in each st across. Ch 1 and turn.

Sc in first st.  *Ch 3. Sc in next st.* Repeat this pattern across. Ch 1. Do not turn! Work 45 sc up the edge. (***See note***)  Tie off & weave in end.  Attach yarn to bottom of other edge. Work 45 sc up the edge. Tie off & weave in end.

Sleeves (repeat this pattern for each sleeve)
Round 1: Attach yarn to the bottom middle of the sleeve opening. Work Sc around the opening.  SS to beginning and ch 1.
Round 2: 2 Sc in each Sc around. SS to beginning and ch 1.
Round 3: 4 Hdc in first st. *Ch 1. Skip 1. 4 Hdc in next st.* Repeat this pattern around. SS to beginning and ch 1.
Round 4: In back loops only, Hdc in first skipped Sc stitch in previous row. *Ch 1. Hdc in next skipped Sc stitch in previous row.* Repeat this pattern around. SS to beginning and ch 1.
Switch to a larger hook (I went from a D to a G)
Round 5: Sc in each space around. SS to beginning and ch 1.
Round 6: Hdc around. Skip last st. SS to beginning and ch 1.
Rounds 7-18: Repeat Round 6 until you have 16 stitches in your round (not including the SS or ch1).  You should be down to 16 stitches by round 9 or 10.  Continue the rest of the rounds without skipping the last stitch.
Edging: In each stitch around: Sc, ch2, Sc (all in one stitch). SS to beginning. Tie off and weave in ends.

Weave ribbon through the dress in between the first two ruffles (row 8).  Leave plenty (6-8") of ribbon to tie a bow for closure (you can have the dress look like it ties in the front OR the back)

***Note*** You may want to ch 6 at the end of the edge and ss it to the same stitch for use as a button hole. Attach a button to the opposing side so you can button the top part closed.  Otherwise, you can just tie the top closed with ribbon.

Please- if you ever have any questions about my patterns (like if they're unclear or you think I might have made a typo), let me know! Thanks. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Craft #16 - Crochet Scrap Bag

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tiny trash bag with you at all times to collect your scraps?  I think it would. :)

Crochet Scrap Bag
This pattern has been posted by Krafty-Lyn.  Please only use it for gifts, donation, or personal use. Thank-you.

Small ball of yarn
Appropriate crochet hook for the selected ball of yarn
Button- instructions written for small button.  Adjusted sizes in parenthesis for  (medium, large) sized buttons.  Use your own judgment.
Needle & thread

With slip knot on the hook, ch 2 more.
Attach to first ch with a ss to form a ring. ch 1
Round 1: 6 sc in ring.
Round 2: 2 sc in each sc around the ring (12 total)
Round 3: 2 sc in each sc around the ring (24)
Following rounds: Decreasing 1st every 3 rows sc around until bag is about 2.5 inches long or you're down to 16 stitches in a round.  I crocheted in the back loops only for a few rows, then in the front loops only through this part of the pattern.

Finishing rounds:
Round 1: In back loops only, sc around.
Round 2: In both loops,  sc half-way around.  Ch 2 (3,4).  Skip 1 (2,3) stitches.  Sc the rest of the way around
Round 3: sc to ch space.  1 (2,3) sc in the space, then continue around.  
Round 4: Reverse sc around. SS to beginning of round. Finish off.  

Attach button to the inside of the bag opposite of the buttonhole space using the needle and thread.

I'll share my pic when it's done of course. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craft #15- Granny Square Micro-Preemie Pocket

For a really tiny micro-preemie, wrapping them in a blanket is quite difficult.  One idea is to make a granny square pocket.  Make a granny square and a half granny square.  Attach the half granny to the granny.  Take the two opposite double layer corners, fold them to the middle, and tie them together with a bow.  You now have a micro-preemie pocket to donate to your local hospital. :)

(Note: I will be making mine with one variegated yarn, not multiple colors.  I'll post my own picture when I'm done!)

Basic Granny 1 - instructions
Half Granny -instructions
(Note: the shell stitch is the 3dc in the granny square pattern)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Craft #14- Bible Bag

I have taken this project out so many times I'm not sure I'll ever finish.  I don't even know if it will be knit, crochet, or felted.  However, I can tell you that it will be a snug fit for my 6.5" x 9.5" x 2.5" Bible.  It will have a pocket on the front that will be almost the size of the bag for papers, pen, maybe a small notebook, etc.  It will also have a handle.  Is that descriptive enough? :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craft #13 - Felted Crochet Yarn Caddy --Completed!

This was a gift for my sister, so I couldn't post it until I gave it to her.  I used a beach tote bag pattern that I found on, and made a few alterations to make it work for my idea.  First of all, I used Paton's Classic Wool with a size H-USA crochet hook.  I also started with 12 dc in the ring instead of 8, and followed the the rest of the pattern.  That way when I felted the bag, it would be the right size.  In Round 9, I did a popcorn stitch every 4 dc.

Double Crochet Popcorn Stitch
YO, pull up a loop.  Repeat 3 more times so you have 9 loops total on your crochet hook.  YO and pull through all the loops..

I continued to throw in a few popcorn rows throughout the pattern to give it texture.

How did I felt the bag?  After finishing the bag and adding the wide strap, I put the bag in a wash load of towels.  I ran the Hot wash/Cold rinse cycle & extra detergent.  I checked the felting job every 5mins to make sure I wasn't overdoing or underdoing it.  By the time I took the bag out, the wash cycle was almost done anyway.  I then put the bag back in for the rinse cycle.  I dried the bag for 15-20mins on hot with the towels.  It did shrink a bit more in the dryer.  I am very pleased with the results.  The pictures aren't the greatest- I'm working on getting a better camera (probably a higher quality camera phone... like a Samsung Epic or HTC Evo Shift).  I forgot to snap a picture of the bag before I felted it, but here are a couple pics of the post-felting job.

Felted Crochet Yarn Caddy on TwitpicFelted Crochet Yarn Caddy on Twitpic

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craft #12- Crochet Stuffed Horse

I was gifted a copy-paper box full of someone's left-over yarn last week (yippee!).  Some of it is baby yarn, but there is a decent amount of worsted weight Red Heart yarn.  I've been playing with the idea of crocheting something 3D, so I figured this was a good opportunity.  I did not make my own pattern though.  I can't draw a horse, so I probably couldn't design a 3D horse in yarn. :)  I found the following pattern, titled Balloon Animal Horse on (my favorite pattern directory).

I haven't finished mine yet.  It will be a white horse, and I will of course post my own picture when it's done.

Balloon Animals

Catch-up day!

It's just one of those days... The kind of day when you realize how many unfinished projects are sitting around.  I lose every creative thought in my brain when the projects begin to pile up too much.  So, tonight my goal is to finish Craft #3.  I will need the knitting needles for the Ear Flapped Hat I haven't start yet. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Craft #11 - Roving Ear Flapped Hat

I have been in search of an easy knit ear flap hat that for which I can use my Bernat Roving yarn.  I think I finally found one I might be able to follow! :)  Maybe someday I'll be able to make my own knit patterns.... maybe, lol.
Anyway, I am using this pattern from  Crossing my fingers that it will turn out! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Craft #10 - Boston Cream Pie --Completed (not picture-worthy)!

Alright, so maybe some people don't count cooking or baking as a craft, but I'm going to.  I actually made a killer casserole tonight as well, but I've made casserole before.  I've never tackled anything quite like Boston Cream Pie, though.

I used the recipe from, and thought it went pretty well.  I also learned a few things:
1. A double-layer cake is not two full 13x9 cakes.  Good thing I decided to make a full cake and cut it in half anyway.
2. When you see that the recipe calls for 3-4 tsp of water, you might also notice it doesn't say when or where to add the water.  I figured out quickly that it needed to go into the chocolate mixture when there was way too much powdered sugar for the small amount of chocolate that was melted from a wrapped square of Unsweetened Baker's Chocolate.
3. I would definitely make more chocolate next time.  There wasn't quite enough to spread evenly over it.  Then there would also be extra to spread around the outside as well! :) :) :)

All in all, it went pretty well.  But it was not worthy of a picture.  You'll just have to take my word that it tasted absolutely scrumptious

What will I do with my left-over time tonight?  Finish up some of my previous crafts, of course! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Craft #9 - Preemie Body Warmer

I have been looking for a good sweater/cardigan/vest, whatever to go with the fleece pants and a onesie.  I really wanted to try my hand at knitting one, so that's made the search even more difficult (because I have to find a pattern I can actually understand what to do.  I really think this one is going to work, and I'm super excited about it! I'm just a little bit disappointed that they don't have a finished size on this sweater.  I wouldn't care so much, except that I already have the hat and booties to go with this outfit.  Hopefully I can figure it out with some simple gauging measurements.

Anyway, this pattern is available as a download.  I found the link on Bev's Country Cottage - Bev's PREEMIE patterns.

Side Note: This pattern was done in the UK.  All the pattern I post myself use US measurements.  So, as best as I can tell from a conversion chart, the 3 1/4 needles are size 3-US, and the 4mm needles are actually size 5-US.

If you would like to download the pattern, click here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Craft #8 - Preemie Fleece Pants

I picked up some soft baby blue fleece from a local fabric store today in anticipation of putting together a little preemie outfit.  I already have a little crochet onesie, but I need to make changes to it. So, I'll post that at a later time.  In the meantime, I needed some pants to go with the onesie.  I've done so many crochet and knit projects, I thought it was time to throw in something sewn.

So, here's the bad news: I don't have a pattern yet.  And I'm not brave enough to come up with my own sewing pattern.  I'll update this when I find one!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Craft #7 - Stretchy Sock Scarf (using the "Chain Stitch")

I have a couple balls of the Paton Stretch Sock Yarn in Licorice, and I'm already working on one pair of socks.  So, I started thinking... what else can I do with stretchy sock yarn besides socks?  Well, can I make a scarf out of this yarn? I don't see why not. :)  

For this scarf, I wanted to chain the length of the scarf, not the width.  I don't know about anyone else, but I do not like long chains.  It seems difficult to keep the chain straight and even.  So, I was thoroughly pleased when I heard of a way to stitch the chain and first row at the same time in a few simple steps.  I'm not sure if it has a name, but I'll call it the "Chain Stitch."  If you happen to read this and know what it's called, please enlighten me :)

Single Crochet Chain Stitch
Starting with slip knot on the hook, chain 2 more.
Stick hook in beg. of ch.  Pull up a loop.  
Ch 1 in the pulled up loop.
YO and pull through both loops on the hook.
Stick hook in 2nd ch. Pull up a loop.
Ch 1 in the pulled up loop.
YO and pull through both loops on the hook.
Repeat until desired length.

It may be a bit difficult to understand the way I explained it.  I'll try to either post a video or pictures.  In the meantime- trial and error was how I figured it out after reading written instructions. :)

Stretchy Sock Scarf (Mostly Straight)  -- Option 1
This pattern has been posted by Krafty-Lyn.  Please only use it for gifts, donation, or personal use. Thank-you.

Paton Stretch Sock Yarn
"J" crochet hook (use a smaller hook if a tighter stitch is desired)

Using the Single Crochet Chain Stitch, ch the desired length of your scarf. (I did the stitch 151 times)
Starting in the second stitch from the hook, HDC to the end of the chain.
Ch 1 and turn.
Continue this pattern until scarf is desired width.  DO NOT TIE OFF.

Round: 3 DC in one stitch.  *Ch 1. Skip 1. 3 DC in one stitch.* Repeat from * to * around the entire edge of the scarf.

Stretchy Sock Scarf (Ruffled)  -- Option 2
(This pattern was found at Caron International Yarns)

Using the Single Crochet Chain Stitch, ch the desired length of your scarf. (I did the stitch 151 times)
Row 1: Turn.  Ch 1.  Sc in each ch 1space across.
Row 2:  Turn.  Ch 2.  Work 2 dc in each sc across.
Row 3:  Turn.  Ch 2.  *Work 2 dc in next dc.  Work 1 dc in next dc.*  Repeat bet *’s across.
Row 4:  Turn.  Ch 2.  *Work 2 dc in each of next two dc’s.  Work 1 dc in next dc.*  Repeat bet *’s across.
Row 5:  Repeat Row 4.  Break off.

Stretchy Tube Sock Scarf  -- Option 3

Same as Option 1, but worked in a round. Use the same border from Option 1, but put the border around the two open ends.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Craft #6 - Tube socks!?!?

I've always wanted to try them. But never have.  So, that skein of yarn I had a difficult time with yesterday is hopefully big enough to knit tube socks.  We'll see.... and that's all I have to say today.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Craft #5 - Tissue Box Cover contemplation

Originally I was going to write about how I was given a free skein of yarn.  I thought I'd try to crochet a pair of socks out of it.  They'd have to be short socks, because I only have one skein in that color.  So, I started the socks.  I was almost finished with the first one when I noticed I had used more than half the skein.  Epic failure.  I cannot think of anything else to do with that particular skein.  Although I did consider an umbrella holder... except my umbrella is big, and it's snow season right now.  So, I moved on to a different project and a different skein of yarn.  And this is what I came up with...

It's always such a chore to find the right color tissue box to match the room it's going to be in.  Maybe it doesn't matter to anyone else, but I think it just looks tacky to have a decorated bathroom and a non-matching, cardboard tissue box.  Sometimes I even buy my tissues in different brands just to get the right colors.  I've considered buying a cover that matches my interior.  But that can get pricey if you like to change your colors often.  So, I've decided it's time to make one.  However, it has to be versatile in case I buy a different size/shape box, correct?  This is going to take a little extra thought.  I would like the project to be knit, and I was tossing around the idea of making it a patchwork project.  I'm definitely going to have to get back to this idea, because I don't actually know how I want to do it yet.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Craft #4- Homemade Lavender Comfort Wrap --Completed!

I saw in the store one day that they were selling "Comfort Wraps" for $10.  It appeared to be just a long sock-like tube of lavender scented rice.  As tempting as it was to take the easy way out, I figured I could make one. 

Today I started by crocheting the cover.  I really wanted it to have the feel of yarn, but obviously you can't just stick rice in a crochet project unless it's been felted or lined.  I'm using Lion Brand Jiffy in Wine with a size K hook. 

Homemade Lavender Comfort Wrap
This pattern has been posted by Krafty-Lyn.  Please only use it for gifts, donation, or personal use. Thank-you.

Lion Brand Jiffy yarn
Crochet hook, size K
Fleece or flannel fabric
Needle & Thread (or sewing machine)
2lb bag of rice
Lavender Essential oil
6-12" of ribbon
Comfort Pack- Crochet cover on Twitpic


Ch 15, SS to beginning to form a ring, Ch 2
Round 1: HDC around. SS to beg. and Ch 2
Round 2 & on: Repeat Round 1 until desired length.  Turn your project inside out.  Using a yarn needle and left-over yarn, close one end with the wrong side out.  Turn your project right side out.

Comfort pack- flannel lining on TwitpicLining

Measure the width of your Crochet section.  Cut your fabric 2x as wide minus 1" and the length of the crochet project minus 1".
Fold fabric lengthwise with the wrong side facing out. 
Sew along the long edge with a 5/8" seam allowance.  Leave the top open to put the rice in.  Turn your fabric right side out.

Comfort Pack- scented rice on TwitpicPour rice into a large bowl.
Sprinkle lavender scent and mix well.

Option 1:
Put your fabric pouch into the crochet pouch.  Using a funnel, fill the tube with rice to the desired stiffness.  I like mine completely filled but still floppy.

Option 2:
Using a funnel, fill the tube with rice to the desired stiffness.  I like mine completely filled but still floppy.  Pull the crochet pouch over the fabric.

Massage the rice around so it's nice and even.  Sew the top of the fabric closed.  Weave your yarn around the top of the crochet like a drawstring.  Pull it tight and tie a bow.
Comfort Pack- finished! :) on Twitpic

I recommend heating it up in no longer than 30 second segments, and for no longer than a total of 1.5mins.  

Monday, January 3, 2011

Craft #3 - Long & Skinny Knit Scarf --Completed!

Today I put my crochet hook down for the sake of knitting a scarf.  Someone asked for a homemade scarf, so I promised to take care of that sometime after Christmas.  I suppose it's after Christmas now :).  Normally I crochet because I'm faster at it, but I'm always up for a challenge.  For this scarf I am using Bernat Roving in the Bark color with size 11 knitting needles.  I also am flying by the seat of my pants for this pattern, and because I'm pretty much a novice at knitting, it's completely unoriginal.

Long & Skinny Knit Scarf
This pattern has been posted by Krafty-Lyn.  Please only use it for gifts, donation, or personal use. Thank-you.
Long &amp; Skinny Knit Scarf on Twitpic

Bernat Roving yarn
Size 11 knitting needles

Cast on 10
Rows 1-4: K1 P1.  Turn at the end of each row.
Rows 5 and on: Knit every row until the scarf is the desired length minus the last four rows. (I made mine 6 feet long)
Last 4 rows: P1 K1
Bind off.

As a side note- If you're looking for help with your knitting, crocheting, sewing, or anything else out of a long list of crafty things, CyberSeams is a fantastic resource. They also have a YouTube channel with very clear videos.  That's how I learned how to knit properly, so I give them two thumbs up!

P.S. If you happened to catch Craft #2- Crochet Micro-Preemie Bonnet before I had the pattern finished, it's done and posted now.  Pictures will be up soon!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Craft #2- Crochet Micro-Preemie Bonnet

Today I started working on a bonnet to go with the socks I started yesterday.  I know I had a pattern at one point in time, but it wasn't on hand when I started the bonnet, so I'm flying by the seat of my pants once again.  For both the socks and the bonnet I am using  Paton's Beehive Baby Sport in the Precious Pink.  I was looking for a baby yarn in the fingering weight, and this was the closest I could get without running into more than one store.  It's a very soft yarn that is machine washable and dryable (something I think would be very important for newborn clothes, haha).  In this pattern I used an F (USA) crochet hook.

Micro-Preemie Full 'o Ruffles Bonnet (Crochet)
This pattern has been posted by Krafty-Lyn.  Please only use it for gifts, donation, or personal use. Thank-you.

Paton's Beehive Baby Sport
Size F Crochet hook
about 20" of 1/8" white ribbon (or any other ribbon of your choice)

Chain 3
SS to first ch to form a ring
Round 1: 6 SC in ring, SS to first SC.  Ch 2 (not included in stitch count from here and henceforth)
Round 2,3: 2 SC in base of Ch and in each SC around.  SS to first SC and Ch 2.
Round 4:  2 SC in base of Ch 2,  *1 SC in next stitch, then 2 SC in following stitch.* Repeat from * to * around. SS to first SC and Ch 2.
Round 5: 2 SC in base of Ch 2.  *1 SC in next two stitches, then 2 SC in following stitch.* Repeat from * to * around.  SS to first SC and Ch 2.
Row 6: In back loops only, work 30 HDC around, leaving the last 10 stitches unworked (hopefully my stitch counts are correct).  Ch 2 and turn.
Row 7-13: In back loops only, 2 HDC in first HDC, then HDC in each stitch until the last two stitches.  2 HDC in following stitch and finish with 1 HDC in Ch.  Ch 2 and turn.
Row 14: In back loops only, 3 HDC in first HDC.  *Ch 3.  Skip three stitches then 1 SC.  Ch 3. Skip three stitches then 3 HDC in one stitch.*  Repeat from * to * through the row, ending with a SC in the Ch.  Ch 2 and turn.
Row 15: In back loops only, SC in the middle of the three HDC.  Ch 3.  SC in SC.  Ch 3.  Repeat pattern through this row.  Ch 2 and turn.
Row 16: In back loops only, Work 3 HDC in first SC. *Ch 1.  SC in Ch3.  Ch 1. 3 HDC in next SC* Repeat from * to * until ending with a SC in the end Ch 2.  Ch 2 and turn.
Row 17: Repeat Row 15.
Row 18: In back loops only, 1 HDC in middle of Ch 3 (in the actual stitch, not in the space!).  1 HDC in next HDC.  Repeat this pattern across, ending with a HDC in the Ch 2. Ch 2 and turn.
Row 19,20: HDC across.  Ch 2 and turn.
Work in both loops in Rows 15, 16, and first finishing round.
Row 21: YO, pull up a loop through the first HDC, YO, pull up a second loop through the first HDC, YO, pull up a third loop through the first loops.  YO and pull through all loops on the hook.  Ch 3.  SS in next HDC. Repeat this pattern across, ending with a HDC in the Ch 2.  Ch 2 and turn.
Row 22: SC in middle of first Ch 3.  *Ch 1. SC in middle of next Ch 3* Repeat from * to * across.  End with HDC in end Ch 2.  Ch 2.  DON'T TURN.

Finishing Edge
Round 1: HDC in the same Ch 2 space.  Continue around the bonnet, working 16 HDC evenly down the side.  When you come to the circle in the back, skip a stitch.  1 HDC in next two stitches.  *YO, pull up a loop through the next stitch, YO, pull a loop through the stitch after that, YO and pull through all the loops.* repeat from * to * across the back.  Skip a stitch, then work 16 HDC evenly up the next side.  End with a HDC in the Ch 2 loop.  Ch 2 then HDC in the same space.  Ch 2.
Round 2: 3 HDC in first Ch 1 space.  *Ch 2.  3 HDC in next Ch 1 space.* Repeat from * to * across the top of the bonnet, ending with a SS in the Ch 2 space.  SS the rest of the way around the bonnet, ending with a SS in the Ch 2 space at the beginning of this round. Tie off and weave loose ends in.

Starting in Row 9, weave the ribbon using a yarn needle or crochet hook around the outside up to Row 20.  Continue weaving the ribbon through Row 20 to the other side of the bonnet, then back down to and around the back side of the bonnet.  Finish back at Row 9 where you started.  Trim your ribbon leaving 6-8 inch tails.  Pull on the ribbon slightly to give the bonnet it's shape then tie a bow.

The bonnet is completed, I just need to get a picture posted.
Happy Crafting!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Craft #1 - Micro-Preemie Lace-up Socks/Booties

I almost forgot my first post!  Craziness :)  But never fear- I did have a craft idea:  Crochet Lace-up socks for micro-preemies!

The majority of my craft ideas are crochet items for preemies, mostly stillborn.  I donate these items to a local hospital.  The idea behind the lace-up socks is for them to be easier to put on a newborn with such tiny, fragile feet.  The downside to this idea is that I could not find a specific pattern.  So, I'm making one up as I go along.  Pictures and pattern to come!