Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craft #15- Granny Square Micro-Preemie Pocket

For a really tiny micro-preemie, wrapping them in a blanket is quite difficult.  One idea is to make a granny square pocket.  Make a granny square and a half granny square.  Attach the half granny to the granny.  Take the two opposite double layer corners, fold them to the middle, and tie them together with a bow.  You now have a micro-preemie pocket to donate to your local hospital. :)

(Note: I will be making mine with one variegated yarn, not multiple colors.  I'll post my own picture when I'm done!)

Basic Granny 1 - instructions
Half Granny -instructions
(Note: the shell stitch is the 3dc in the granny square pattern)

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