Sunday, January 9, 2011

Craft #9 - Preemie Body Warmer

I have been looking for a good sweater/cardigan/vest, whatever to go with the fleece pants and a onesie.  I really wanted to try my hand at knitting one, so that's made the search even more difficult (because I have to find a pattern I can actually understand what to do.  I really think this one is going to work, and I'm super excited about it! I'm just a little bit disappointed that they don't have a finished size on this sweater.  I wouldn't care so much, except that I already have the hat and booties to go with this outfit.  Hopefully I can figure it out with some simple gauging measurements.

Anyway, this pattern is available as a download.  I found the link on Bev's Country Cottage - Bev's PREEMIE patterns.

Side Note: This pattern was done in the UK.  All the pattern I post myself use US measurements.  So, as best as I can tell from a conversion chart, the 3 1/4 needles are size 3-US, and the 4mm needles are actually size 5-US.

If you would like to download the pattern, click here.

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